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If you could change anything you wanted about GameConnect or GameCenter app, what would you change or add?

The emergence of digital media has created an uproar for sports marketers everywhere. Die-hard sports fanatics are demanding better experiences with their favorite teams, as they should. Thanks to new applications and the growth of social networks like Twitter and Facebook, fans can engage with these franchises in ways like never before.

In fact, Catalyst, a sports marketing agency with their main headquarters in New York City, conducted a fan engagement study in 2012, which unveiled some pretty interesting findings. Digital channels such as websites and social media networks have now become the second most trusted source of information, trailing behind television.

So what is your favorite NHL franchise doing to embrace this acquired taste for consumption?

Ever heard of the SocialToaster app? SocialToaster is a gamified app that allows “Superfans” to receive points for sharing a franchises’ digital content with their friends and followers. The really cool thing about this app is these sports teams are giving their Superfans exclusive content, meaning they get content first, before it gets published to the team’s website or Facebook Page.

These Superfans can then redeem their points for game tickets, team merchandise and other really cool incentives that Superfans want. Out of all the franchises in the NHL, only the Chicago Blackhawks and Buffalo Sabres are doing it! What’s up with that? This is why franchises need to get in the Loop.

I don’t know why, but it seems like sports networking stations are in the loop a lot. Just look at theScore app! I’ve only heard from a million people that it’s the best app ever. Omnigon and Fox Sports have literally created The Perfect Partnership. Omnigon Communications, a firm of web-based technologists have partnered with Fox Sports to create the ultimate second-screen experience for hardcore sports fanatics of the MLB and NHL – but let’s focus on the NHL today.

Omnigon places a pretty big emphasis on achieving brand objectives. So when Fox Sports asked Omnigon to create the ultimate second-screen experience for NHL fans, they did exactly that. The creation of an app called “Game Connect” was the result. This app is fully equipped with real-time game data, which allows fans to compare stats against leading players while watching the game, hence achieving the second-screen goal.

Fox Sports Makes A Digital Move Forward

Like all leading technologies, the Game Connect app has more than one purpose. Plus it has ridiculous social elements that allows people to Tweet before, during and after the game and see it charted right in front of them, making it easily readable. It then includes a feature called “Ask the Broadcast” which allows fans to ask the TV broadcast questions live!

The NHL Makes An Even Bigger Play

Launching NHL GameCenter LIVE, the ultimate user experience for NHL games has literally out-done Fox Sports. This app offers live streaming, live broadcasts, live rewind and tons of other terrific benefits available over a variety of devices.

If you ask me though, NHL GameCenter totally missed the nail when it comes to merging social media. Yes, they have a live feed – but its not on Twitter. What an epic fail. It makes me wonder if the people who created it actually did any research on consumer consumption habits. And they charge $50 for the regular season package! That also shows us they don’t understand the future of video streaming. More on this in my next post.

Here’s my question to you.

If you could change anything you wanted about GameConnect or GameCenter app, what would you change or add?

I know I’d tell GameCenter to aggregate Twitter, possibly YouTube and maybe even Facebook, but definitely add Twitter.

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